We are currently looking for great businesses with revenue of between £3m and £10m to acquire, operate and make even greater
‘Middle 8’ is a musical term that refers to a pivotal, transitional phase of a song, which serves to enhance the sections that both precede and follow it. This is the role that we aspire to play in the lifecycle of an evolving business.



We are experts in growing and shaping businesses so that they are ‘investor ready’ and positioned to maximise shareholder value in an investment or exit scenario.

If selling, succession or securing external investment is something you’d like to work towards over the next 2-3 years, our consulting offering can smooth what can be a difficult path for management teams, increase the chances of a successful process and add significant wealth for business owners.

We are flexible in our approach to partnering a business in this capacity, but have a preference for adding value through doing rather than just advising. We believe we can be most effective if considered a strategic or operational partner to your business, be it as an extension to your management team or board.

Do get in touch to explore how we may be able to partner and create meaningful value for you and your business.